LED driver dimming power test system/LED light source integrated test system

LED driver dimming power test system/LED light source integrated test system

Product description
Main advantages of the system:
●Can test all kinds of LED drive power within 1000W
●Statistical test report (Exce|electronic file)
●The graphical interface is based on Windows XP
●Automatically generate quality reports such as CPK and data distribution diagrams
●Test program editing function
●Flexible configuration
●High cost performance, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises
●Fast test speed
● Simultaneous testing of four products
●Barcode control function



Automatic test control software: TCS-3000 system configuration:
●Friendly user interface
●The test program is easy to edit
●Fast test speed
●Test report and data management function
●Automatic test control software
● 4 150W electronic loads
●One 4-channel power meter (level 6 energy efficiency)
●One EMU control box
●4 high-pressure machines
●One 1KVA variable frequency power supply
●One set of four test fixtures
●One set of industrial monitoring computer

System Features:
1. According to the different characteristics of the tested product, 4\6\8 tested products can be tested at the same time.
2. Left and right automatic switching test:
Under the execution test screen, you can set to perform left/right alternate switching tests; and you can schedule the next group of tests while the test is in progress; at the same time, the operator can remove the tested object that has been tested and replace it. When the test is completed, another test will be executed immediately, which effectively reduces the waiting time for disassembly and assembly of the test, which fully meets the requirements of the production line for fast testing.
3. Modular design, strong scalability, easy maintenance:
Modular design, strong expandability, fast maintenance, verification and disassembly, reducing the impact on the operation of the production line. Improve production efficiency. The instrument configuration and load channel corresponding output address settings can be set under the system setting screen. Architecture. When the hardware capacity needs to be increased and changed, just select the corresponding model under this screen, which makes the system more flexible in application.
4. Fast measurement speed and high accuracy:
Multiple sets of output/input characteristic tests of the measured object can be carried out at the same time, and the measurement speed is fast at the same time. Each set of channels is designed with an independent meter to measure Ripple&Noise and output/input characteristics. Each channel is independent and completely unaffected. Other channels affect the accuracy of the measurement.
5. Test program editing function:
In the test parameter screen, you can edit and select the system test items to be tested, and save and archive the last set parameters so that you can call the file in the future to perform the test.
6. Test report editing function:
The user can edit the test parameters, the format of the test result printing (single pen test data), or export all searched test data into Excel or Txt format;
Let users use the exported data by themselves, use office software to make statistical analysis charts CPK. X-Chart, etc., so that managers can manage the status of the entire production process through simple chart analysis.
7. User permission setting:
The system divides the authority into the following two levels. All test parameters cannot be modified unless they are fully authorized, ensuring rigorous production quality.
(1)Administrator (Admin): Allow users to edit and set system parameters, test parameters, and test execution all permissions;
(2) Operator (op): Allow users to call all preset test parameters and perform tests.
It can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers, and the tooling is autocratic.

System test items:

NO. Project Description Support mode
1 Input Setup Gear, limit voltage, limit current settings  
2 E-Load Setup Loading mode, loading state, load parameter setting CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
3 Oscilloscope Setup Sampling voltage fineness, sampling time  
4 Power Meter Setup Suitable for 2406N, PC930C gear range setting  
5 Quick Charge Setup Configure quick charge module effective  
6 lnput Short Check Product input short circuit wear protection inspection, placing damaged products, suitable for semi-finished product testing system CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
7 lnrush Current Test Product input surge current test, configuration with Langpai test power meter is valid or configuration TCS-203 is valid CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
8 Turn On Test Start-up time, inrush current test, configuration of electronic load JT6300 series and SISU linear variable frequency power supply are effective CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
9 Hold Up Test Shutdown hold time test, configure electronic load J6300 series and Sipu line CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
10 Hold On Adjust Test The variable frequency power supply is effective and manual, adjust the output voltage, current, power adjustment test CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
11 Test Output voltage, current, ripple, power test. CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
12 Static Dynamic Test Dynamic load test output voltage stability, including Vpp Vpke+/Vpk- value CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
13 Line Regultion Test Input voltage conversion test output voltage stability CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
14 Load Regultion Test Output negative conversion test output voltage stability CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
15 CombineRegultionTest Input power. Simultaneous output load change test
Efficiency, input power, power factor, voltage spectrum, current harmonic, output
16 Input Output Test Voltage, current, power, standby power consumption CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
17 Average Efficiency Automatic load distribution 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
18 Aerage Efficiency2 Four sets of output loads are set separately CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
19 OCP Test Test over current protection point CC
20 SCP Test Output short-circuit protection test, short-circuit power, product recovery CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
21 lnput Ovp Test Input overvoltage protection point test CC/CV/CP/CR/LED
22 DAQRead Test D+/D- voltage test, effective when configured with PCI-8735  
23 Ground Resistance Test Resistance test between product output negative pole and input FG  
24 Relay Control System external relay control  
25 option Box Operator judgment operation, suitable for manual judgment  
26 Message Box Prompt the operator  
27 HipotTest Product primary to secondary, primary to ground high voltage test AC/DC
28 IR Test    


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