Single head double Y screw machine

Single head double Y screw machine

Product description
Technical Parameters:


Machine structure Gross weight
About 200Kg
Dimensions L500*W1500*H700 (estimated based on 350+350 products)
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Power 60oW
Ambient temperature 20-40 degrees
Frame Steel plate countertop, aluminum alloy frame
Control instructions Host program control PLC control
HMI Touch screen
Program input Direct coordinate input or computer connection
1/O signal 8INPUT/8 OUTPUT
Communication Serial RS232C, computer communication software
Accuracy and speed Positioning accuracy X1\X2\Y1\Y2:+/-0.08mm
Running speed 600mm/sec(X-Y)
Electric batch Electric batch Taiwan good helper flashlight
Torque 5-10kg
Use range X1\X2\Y1\Y2
Lock payment range
X1 350\X2 350 Y1 350\Y2 350
z lock range Customized according to customer products
Test items Screw sliding detection Have
Screw leak detection
Handling of defective products Warning light and buzzer prompt


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