Online automatic FCT test

测试升降平台以及导轨采用不锈钢制作或者采用型材电镀进行防锈处理。采用同步带运输 PCB板,宽度通过丝杆导轨调节,要求操作方便。
Product description

Online automatic FCT test

Project Brand
Stepping/Servo Motor Lei Sai, Panasonic, Yaskawa
Pneumatic accessories Airtac, SMC
Linear guide/screw Shanghai Bank, TBI
Programmable Controllers Mitsubishi
Touch screen Weilun, Xinje
Sensor Matsushita
High voltage test system TCS
ATE test system TCS
Operation control software TCS


Product Details:

The test lifting platform and guide rails are made of stainless steel or profiled plating for anti-rust treatment. The timing belt is used to transport the PCB board, and the width is adjusted by the screw guide rail, which requires easy operation.
Use buttons and man-machine interface for control. Use PC to process the board and install the blocking cylinder, which can block a piece of board and wait for the test while the test is in progress. The test chamber has a pressure-proof device during automatic testing, and it can automatically stop when the board is not positioned well or is abnormal. When there is a bad product or equipment failure, the equipment will give a sound and light alarm.
The sheet metal structure is adopted, and the track transmission adopts synchronous belt transportation, and the width is manually adjusted, which can realize rapid conversion to production. The conversion time should not exceed 3 minutes. Quality requirements: Do not make the product have appearance damage and poor performance


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