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Company Profile


Dongguan Tuokeshuo Automation Co., Ltd

Dongguan tuokeshuo Automation Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of automatic testing and testing, control system instruments and equipment. Engaged in ate, ACE, ATS, ACS, TSL, machine vision, BGA test solution, etc.

Since the establishment of the company in 2008, the domestic electronic industry is booming! Full of vitality, the company is guided by the "3P" concept of practice, precision and professional. It constantly improves and innovates the testing and control system equipment with high efficiency and high cost performance, so that the high-tech electronic products produced by customers have better quality, To be an indispensable promoter and gatekeeper, we will continue to grow with our customers in order to improve the manufacturing process of domestic electronic industry.

The company is composed of a group of excellent software design and development, organization design and manufacturing, sales, service and other talents.

From the design and development of the circuit, production and processing, to product assembly and finished product inspection, every step of the self created brand has been carefully planned and implemented, constantly improving, and must be perfect. Under the standard of LS 00901:2000, we are constantly moving towards the goal of "zero" of quality defects, so that every set of equipment and system is a high-quality product produced under strict monitoring.

Company software development platform: visual Basic6.0, Visual C + + 6.0, visual Basic.net , VisualC.net 、VisualC#.Net、Labview、Delphi.

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