Company Culture

Company Culture

Passion: growing up in passionate work, finding a sense of belonging in happy work, and taking work as one's own career.

Speed: pay attention to team cooperation ability, efficient operation team, greatly improve the working speed and ensure work efficiency.

Details: details determine success or failure, connect each link well, do every small detail carefully.

Executive ability: high efficiency operation team should ensure good execution and strictly carry out every work instruction from superior.

Customer first: adhering to the concept that customers are God, serve well with heart, move customers with sincerity, and maintain customers with love.

Team cooperation: have the spirit of "wolf" team cooperation, 1 + 1 is greater than 2, and give full play to employees' potential in team cooperation.

Embrace change: keep up with the international trend, adapt to the international fashion change, grow in the change, and progress in the change.

Dedication and Innovation: dedication, creativity, keeping pace with the times, walking in the forefront of international fashion.

Enterprise spirit: service only has a starting point, satisfaction has no end.

Corporate vision: the company to become "home first" as the vision, large-scale market development, steady development, to provide more choices for the majority of customer service.

Business philosophy: achieve life with brand, coexist and win-win with partners.


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