High voltage +ATE test system

High voltage +ATE test system

Product description

Hardware introduction:

Serial number Hardware name Specification Quantity
1 ACSource TCS10001(1KVA/PWM) 1
2 Electronic load TCS150W(150W/150V30A) 4
3 Dynamometer TCS-60204CH (Level 6 energy efficiency) 1
4 Oscilloscope Ripple Card 8
5 EMU control box TCS-3004 1
6 High pressure machine TH9310 4
7 Standard 19" cabinet TCS-3001 1
8 Test Fixture TCS-3004 1



Main feature:
-Open architecture software platform
-Support GPIB/RS-232 or RS-485
-Test item editing function
-Test program editing function
-Test report editing function
-Statistical monthly report editing function
-Online instrument control function
-User rights setting
-Test item/program control function
-Personnel entry and exit system records
-Master/SlaveControlMode (Master/SlaveControlMode)
-Can test multiple power supplies with single output at one time
Best cost-benefit ratio
Hardware can be expanded according to user needs



Test items:
1. Enter the settings
2. Electronic load settings
3. Oscilloscope settings
4. Power meter settings
5. Quickly advise charging settings
6. Input short circuit check
7. Inrush current test
8. Boot sequence test
9. Shutdown timing test
10. Online debugging test
11. Static load test
12. Dynamic load test
13. Input adjustment rate test
14. Load regulation test
15. Comprehensive debugging rate test
16. Input and output test
17. Average efficiency test
18. Overcurrent protection test
19. Short circuit protection test
20. Input overvoltage protection test
21. Data acquisition test
22. Relay control
23. Operation prompt box
24. Information prompt box



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