Adapter and charger power supply automation test line

Adapter and charger power supply automation test line

该设备包含耐压测试工站完成耐压测试,在性能测试工站完成电控性 能测试,下机位自动分选合格与不良品,合格品流转至人工包装,局 域网数据、测试结果上传数据库。
Product description

Hardware introduction:

Project Brand
Stepping/Servo Motor Lei Sai, Panasonic, Yaskawa
Pneumatic accessories Airtac, SMC
Linear guide/screw Shanghai Bank, TBI
Programmable Controllers Mitsubishi
Touch screen Weilun, Xinje
Sensor Matsushita
High voltage test system TCS
ATE test system TCS
Operation control software TCS



Product Details:
The equipment includes a withstand voltage test station to complete the withstand voltage test, the performance test station to complete the electrical control performance test, the lower machine automatically sorts qualified and defective products, the qualified products are transferred to manual packaging, and the local network data and test results are uploaded to the database.


Technical index:
1) Output 450PCS/hour;
2) Vehicle specifications: 2-4PCS/piece;
3) Line body composition: fixture, circulation line body, test system, off-machine sorting mechanism
4) Applicable products: LED, low-power switching power supply
5) Fixture size: about 580*320*75mm

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