High frequency inductance turntable test system

High frequency inductance turntable test system

Product description

Product Details:
A series of automatic test equipment designed for a series of high-frequency inductive transformers, mainly composed of main frame (including upper cover), turntable junction (8-station splitter + motor), test machine pole, etc., using PLC + man-machine Interface control.

Main turntable station description:
Station 1: Manual feeding;
Station 2: Inductance test;
Station 3: Resistance test;
Station 4: Inter-turn test;
Station 5: Withstand voltage test;
Station 6: Current superposition test;


Technical index:
1) Equipment dimensions: L1650*W1350*H1900MM reference size)
2) Equipment estimated capacity: UPH=180;
3) Equipment input air pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa;
4) Equipment input voltage: AC220V;
5) Main pneumatic accessories: Airtac/SMC/FESTO;
6) Main electronic control accessories: OMRON/Panasonic;

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