Motor motor test comprehensive test / anti-electric heat love high voltage test system

Motor motor test comprehensive test / anti-electric heat love high voltage test system

Product description


Motor motor control test system motor drive test equipment motor control test system description:
1. The test system has good compatibility, is compatible with various control board tests, has advanced functions such as communication detection, product safety testing, and automatic testing of current, voltage, withstand voltage and back EMF.
2. Comply with GB/T 18487.1, GB/T 27930 and other national standards, and comply with industry standard systems. Various functional tests can be expanded according to customer test requirements

Standard test equipment can test items as follows:
1. Output performance test: DC output voltage, current, power, efficiency test
2. Input performance voltage, negative pressure, current, power, power, factor, harmonic test
3. Input under/over voltage shutdown point test
4. Input under/overvoltage recovery point test
5. Input frequency ramp up/down test
6. Input voltage rise/fall test
7. Dynamic load test
8. Power adjustment test
9. Load adjustment test
10. Comprehensive adjustment test
11. Current balance test
12. Voltage ripple noise test
13. Boot sequence test
14. Rise time test
15. Fall time test
16. Shutdown timing test
17. Short circuit protection test
18. Overcurrent protection test
19. Overvoltage protection test
20. AC (direct) current withstand voltage test
21. Insulation resistance test
22. Digital signal test
23, TTL signal control
24. Relay control
25, barcode reading
26, communication read and write
27, wait function
Test system equipment functions can customize various functional tests according to actual test requirements.

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