Intelligent constant temperature and humidity aging control system

Intelligent constant temperature and humidity aging control system

Product description

Main design features of constant temperature and humidity incubator products:
●Automatic control of constant temperature and humidity
●Wide humidity control range, high humidity control accuracy, can be used for multiple purposes
●Large screen LCD display, multiple sets of data--screen display, easy to observe and operate
●Brushed stainless steel liner, four corners and semi-circular arc transition, the shelf can be adjusted at will
●The left side of the box is equipped with a 30mm diameter test hole, which can be wired according to the needs of the place
●Fuzzy PID controller, accurate temperature control, small fluctuation, with timing function, time setting 0-9999 minutes
●Zuole microcomputer automatic control system, intelligent temperature control, small error, high sensitivity
●Brand compressor and circulating fan, uniform air supply and small fluctuation
●CFC-free design, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
●Oscillator can be used as constant temperature oscillating incubator
●Reserved general RS485 interface, convenient for data copy.
●PC monitoring test

Experimental protection function:
Over-temperature and under-temperature protection function (when exceeding the set value +4°C or reaching the upper limit temperature), automatic interruption to protect the safety of the experiment
Self-diagnosis function, intuitive code indication when failure occurs, clear at a glance
Compressor start delay function, effectively guarantee the service life of the compressor
Power failure memory function, re-energize and continue to run according to the original set value from the power-off point

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