Adapter, charger, LED power aging control system

Adapter, charger, LED power aging control system

Product description

1. The MCU uses ST imported original chips
2. All semiconductor main parts use industrial-grade imported parts
3. The load is a 4-channel design, flexible to use (LED mode load is an independent channel design)
4. High adaptability, wide setting voltage/current range
5. Comes with four protection functions: OTP/OVP/OPP/OCP
6. With fault self-checking and indicating function
7. Aging parameters can be set digitally
8. Temperature energy saving and heat dissipation design
9. A variety of monitoring interface options, touch screen monitoring or computer monitoring
10. Adopt independent isolated power supply
11. RS485 communication, optocoupler isolation design, stable work
12.Modular design, easy to install and debug

Product structure type:
1. Open type aging trolley series
2. Constant temperature aging cabinet sliding door (optional self/auxiliary heating)
3. Constant temperature aging cabinet folding door (optional self/auxiliary heating)
4. Room type constant temperature aging room. (auxiliary heating)
5. Warehouse type constant temperature aging room (auxiliary heating)


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